Waldemar Bawołek: Images of everyday life in a small town
– Poland

Born in 1962, prose writer, novelist and author of short stories. Laureate of the prize from the “Nowy Nurt” magazine and Kurpish publishing house contest and of the Polish National Writing Competition organized by the Zielona Sowa publishing house. In his texts, he brings forth problems of everyday life in a small town using 386 387 complex narrative forms — sophistically constructed sentences seem to be governed by a dreamlike logic, at the same time lacking the cause-effect consequences in favour of putting forth juxtapositions of vivid images. Author of the following books: Delectatio morosa, Raz dokoła, Humoreska, To co obok, Echo słońca and most recently, a short-story collection La petite mort (2018) and the novel Bimetal (2019). A two-time nominee of the Gdynia Literary Award. He has been living in the small town of Ciężkowice since his birth.