Václav Kostelanski: Return to literature
– Slovakia

 “Nothing changed in my CV,” says Václav Kostelanski. “I was born in Považská Bystrica in 1982. I trained to be an electrical technician, then I worked construction, was unemployed, studied the Faculty of Education, worked in a re-education centre, as a prison guard and currently I am a counsellor in a girl’s reformatory.” He wrote three prose books: Chuť zabiť (The Craving to Kill, 2013), Incident (An Incident, 2014) a Virtuóz (The Virtuoso, 2018). Michaela Rossová wrote the following about his last book: Kostelanski’s prose is […] unambiguously and clearly stylised and has a strong plot. Where others delve into their own worlds and analyse and talk about themselves, […] Kostelanski observes the world and refers about it in dense narratives. […] Is this a form of anti-literature? Rather, I believe this is a return to literature par excellence.”