Petr Borkovec: A herbarium, things and Dante
– Czechia

Petr was born in 1970 in Louňovice pod Blaníkem. He studied Czech language and literature at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, but didn’t complete his studies. He writes poetry, short prose, texts for children and works as a translator, editor and a journalist. He is a dramaturgist at the Prague literary café Fra. He debuted with a collection titled Prostírání do tichého (Silent Table Settings, 1990). He won the Jiří Orten Award in 1995 for Ochoz (Gallery, 1994). His latest works include: Herbář k čemusi horšímu (A Herbarium for Something Worse, 2018), Věci našeho života (Things of Our Lives, 2017), Lido di Dante (2017), O čem sní (What They Dream About, 2016), Rozvláčná vyjádření radosti (Dragged-out Expressions of Joy, 2016), Wernisch (2015), Zlodějíček (Little Thief, 2014) and Všechno je to na zahradě (Everything is in the Garden, 2013). “His poetry remains the same at heart,” noted Petr A. Bílek about his work.