Myroslav Lajuk: Poet saves the world
– Ukraine

He was born in Prykarpattia (1990) and currently resides in Kyiv. Myroslav is the author of poetic collections Thistle! (2013), Metrophobia (2015) and Rose (2019), as well as novels Babornia (2016) and The World Not Created (2018). The winner of LitAkcent Book of Year Literary Award, Smoloskyp Award, “Coronation of the Word” Award and others. His satirical family novel Babornia was shortlisted for BBC Book of the Year Award in 2016. Myroslav’s poetry has been translated into English, Azerbaijan, Armenian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Czech and other languages. “I imagine a poet as a unique person constantly saving the world,” he asserts. Apart from writing, the young author hosts his own radio shows CHYTver and Slova broadcasted on Old Fashioned Radio and works his way through PhD program in Philosophy and Literature in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.