Magdaléna Platzová: The things spouses don’t talk about
– Czechia

An author of prose, theatrical plays, children’s books and a journalist, translator and an actress. Magdaléna Platzová has previously worked in magazines such as Literární noviny and Respekt. She has lived in the Czech Republic and the United States, but she currently calls France her home. She was born in 1972 in Prague where she studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. She debuted with her collection of short stories titled Sůl, ovce a kamení (Salt, Fruit and Stones, 2003). Last year she published her seventh book titled Druhá strana ticha (The Other Side of Silence). Her publisher describes it as follows: “It’s about the things spouses don’t talk about. About the silence between man and God. About the many shapes of homelessness, be it in luxurious mansions with swimming pools or in alcoves and park benches. It is about places where we grew up and which we start calling home only after we’ve left. About the creeping start of the old age and an emptiness inside that hurts...”