Lenka Procházková: Sun & revolution
– Czechia

A writer, screenwriter, author of radio plays and a journalist, Lenka Procházková was born in 1951 in Olomouc. She studied culturology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. During the “Normalisation” period of Communist Czechoslovakia, she actively contributed to samizdat and became a full-time writer after the velvet revolution in 1989. She published twenty books, with her latest being Za Fidelem na Kubu (To See Fidel in Cuba, 2011), Bílý klaun (White Clown, 2014), Nejsou to bohové! (They’re not Gods!, 2016), Živé duše (Living Souls, 2017) and Viva la revolución! (2018). Her latest book summarises thirteen of her plays linked by the eponymous revolutionary slogan. In 2008, she published her largest, most popular and translated novel commemorating Jan Palach titled Slunce v úplňku (Full Sun).