Iulia Militaru: There are no experiments
– Romania

Born in 1978, Iulia Militaru is a poet and a publisher. She switched majors from medicine to literature and received her PhD at the Faculty of Arts of Bucharest University. She heads the publishing group frACTalia, which specialises in experimental poetry and fringe genres. She wrote a theoretical treatise on poetry titled Metaforic și metonimic: o tipologie a poeziei (Metaphoric and Metonymic: A Typology of Poetry) and her first poetry collection Marea Pipeadă (The Great Pipe Epic). She wrote the book Dramadoll together with the poet Anca Bucur and the artist Cristina Budar, in which they present a dialogue of styles, genres and authors. In her latest poetry book titled Confiscarea bestiei. O postcercetare (The Seizure of the Beast. A Post-research), she deconstructs and recreates poetry. She keeps pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression through collages, installations and video-installations, noting: “There is no experimental literature. There are only combinations of discourses, searching and nothing more.”