Erik Šimšík: The scope of my writing
– Slovakia

Born in 1987 in Bratislava, Erik Šimšík studied sociology at Comenius University and St. Elisabeth University in the same city. He has lived in Rwanda and is currently a co-owner of Goriffee, a company importing coffee and tea purchased directly from Rwandan farmers. He published two collections of experimental poetry: Monorezeň & stereozemiaky (Mono Escalope & Stereo Potatoes, 2013) and Čabajka a iné údeniny (Csabai Kolbász and Other Sausages, 2017) as well as three novels under the overarching title Hegemónia (Hegemony, 2014). “The novels are linked with a main topic, which is searching,” he says. “Each of the characters is looking for something. Often they find it, but not always. They have different motivations and ways to achieve their goals. The common thing is that they end up being disappointed. Regardless of whether they find the thing they were looking for or not. These are three different stories, different in terms of form and contents, but they’re also similar. They contain the entire scope of my writing.”