Dumitru Crudu: Ironic stenographer from Moldova
– Romania

A poet, prose and drama author and a journalist. Dumitru Crudu was born in 1967 and is considered a co-founder of the literary trend of fracturism. He studied journalism in Chișinău, philology in Tblisi and Brașov and received his Master’s degree in Sibiu. In Chișinău he worked for Radio Free Europe as well as the local press. He is an author of several non-conventional poetry collections and dramatic texts, but he mainly writes in prose such as in his first novel Măcel în Georgia (A Slaughter in Georgia) whose rawness and intense eroticism is reminiscent of the post-modernist works of Chuck Palahniuk. The collection of short stories Oameni din Chişinău (The People of Chișinău) describes the tense atmosphere of the rigged parliamentary election in 2009. The Moldovan capital is the setting of most of the short stories contained in collections Salutări lui Troţki (Say Hello to Trotsky) and Moartea unei veveriţe (The Death of a Squirel). He is among the most widely translated contemporary Moldovan writers.