David Zábranský: New great migrations
– Czechia

Born in 1977 in Prague, David Zábranský studied media studies and law at Charles University. He later worked as a lawyer and chief editor of the CzechLit portal. He published seven prosaic works, for example Slabost pro každou jinou pláž (A Weakness for Each Different Beach, 2006), Šternův pokus milovat (Stern’s Attempt to Love, 2008), Martin Juhás čili Československo (Martin Juhás or Czechoslovakia, 2015), Za Alpami (Behind the Alps, 2017) and the newest book titled Logoz (2019). He also published Dva dramatické texty (Two Dramatic Texts, 2018) and contributed to a co-operative crime novel Šest nevinných (Six Innocents, 2015). The blurb on his latest book says: “Robert Holm, a Danish brand expert, decides to change the world after returning from a trip to Shanghai. Using social media, he manages to trigger a new great migrations period. Divided societies actually split and walls begin to grow between people. The environment starts getting better. In the Syrian semi-desert, New Berlin flourishes.”