Claudiu Komartin: A new wave
– Romania

Born in 1983 in Bucharest, Claudiu Komartin is a poet and a translator. He entered the Romanian literary stage at the age of twenty with his Păpuşarul şi alte insomnii (The Puppeteer and Other Insomnias) for which he won the prestigious Mihaie Eminesca award, becoming one of the most prominent poets of the “Generation 2000”, which steered Romanian poetry in a new, modern direction. He then published other successful poetry books such as Circul domestic (Domestic Circus), Hemoragia soarelui (Bleeding Sun), or the anthology Maeştrii artei muribunde (Masters of Moribund Art). He is the chief editor of the Poesis Internaţional magazine and the head of Max Blecher publishing house. He translates from the French language (Philippe Claudel, J.-M. Gustave Le Clézio, René Daumal and other authors).