Adrian Cioroianu: Sic transit gloria
– Romania

Born in Craiova in 1967, Adrian Cioroianu is a historian, journalist, politician and an author of numerous essays. He studied at Bucharest University and got his PhD at Laval University in Quebec. He writes popular history and together with Lucian Boia is one of the most prominent “mythbusters” of Romanian national history. He is an assistant professor at Bucharest University and actively participates in politics: he has served as a senator, member of European Parliament and currently serves as a permanent representative of Romania at UNESCO in Paris. Based on his popular TV show Five Minutes of History, he wrote a two-part book titled Cea mai frumoasă poveste (The Most Beautiful Story) and he authored a number of other titles, e.g.  Pe umerii lui Marx. O introducere în istoria comunismului românesc (On the Shoulders of Marx. An Introduction to the History of Romanian Communism). “History is a story, nothing more,” he says.