Adina Rosetti: Books as jewels
– Romania

Born in 1979, Adina Rosetti is a writer, journalist and a children’s books author. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and a journalistic course at Bucharest University. She used to write articles on society and culture for magazines such as Dilema vecheTime Out and ELLE. When she was thirty one, she published her first novel titled Deadlinewhere she linked the real life stories of multinational corporations’ employees with the fortunes of outcasts struggling at the margins of society. Her children’s books are very popular both with the little ones and at book contests. To name a few, Rosetti wrote Domnișoara Poimâine și joaca de-a Timpul (Miss Day-after-Tomorrow and the Game of Time), De ce zboară vrăjitoarele pe cozi de mătură (Why do Witches Fly on Brooms) and Aiurea-n tramvai. Aventurile lui Anton în țara cuvintelor anapoda (Troubles in a Tram: Anton’s Adventures in a Country of Reversed Words). She is known for carefully choosing the illustrators and graphical design of her books so that the “books develop our imagination like little jewels.”