Lucian Boia: Historia magistra
– Romania

A widely respected Romanian historian and writer, Lucian Boia was born in Bucharest in 1944. He studied history at Bucharest University and received his PhD at the Institute for Eastern European History in Prague. He is currently a professor at Bucharest University. He is concerned with thinking and the imaginary; he is the author of a comprehensive work dealing with the history of Romania titled Miturile comunismului românesc (Myths of Romanian Communism), Istorie şi mit în conştiinţa românească (History and Myth in Romanian Consciousness), România, ţară de frontieră a Europei (Romania, Frontier Country of Europe ), Occidentul. O interpretare istorică (The West. A Historical Interpretation), and De ce este România altfel? (Why is Romania Different?). The first of the above has become a hit and is considered a go-to title for explaining Romanian history. The last book is a popular title dealing with Romania in terms of geography, history and culture.